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Benefits of a 360 degree survey

If you've never taken part in an evaluation that gives you the perspective of subordinates, managers, client groups, and others, then you've probably missed out on the total picture. You will be amazed at the difference that a 360 degree survey can make. With this tool, you'll see your work habits as they are viewed by multiple people in your work environment. This leads to a greater context in which you can recognize your strengths and areas in which you need to grow. Browse through the sample 360 performance evaluation available at PerformanceDimensions.com to get a better idea of how this surveying tool could work for you. For larger groups, ask us about the availability of volume pricing so you can benefit the greatest number of people within your organization.

See a sample 360 performance evaluation

A multi-perspective review of performance is a powerful way to encourage employees to think about their actions. Hearing from multiple sources lends credibility to the responses and makes a 360 degree survey especially valuable when it comes to encouraging positive changes. These surveys are especially valuable at the management or executive level because subordinates may be unwilling to provide frank feedback in other forums. As you'll see when you review the sample 360 performance evaluation available at PerformanceDimensions.com, this tool provides for completely confidential responses. In addition, results are aggregated with those of similarly situated participants to further protect confidentiality and make results more clear. People who complete this type of review are astounded at the powerful impact of seeing themselves through others' eyes. Take advantage of this remarkable tool by contacting PDi today.

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