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The Question Is > What Does PDi Know?

PDi knows how to implement valid & reliable Leadership Surveys, Employee Surveys, Customer Surveys, Education & Training Surveys, Physician Surveys, 360 Degree Surveys and a diversity of assessments and evaluations to obtain the information you need to make better decisions. We also provide the action planning and best practices to meet your business challenges and achieve your business goals.

Is Your Company Making Informed & Effective Decisions?

It is nearly impossible to make informed decisions, increase accountability and improve effectiveness without reliable, valid measures of what is, and is not happening in your organization. It is even harder to act on survey results when you are not sure what the numbers are really saying about your employees and customers. PDi will help you make better decisions by providing you with survey data and information that is both practical and profound, in formats that do not confuse. PDi helps companies identify the opportunities they might not otherwise find, and obtain answers to questions they might not have thought to ask.

PDi > Value Commitment

  • Over 25 years of business experience helping companies and individuals reach their short and long term business goals.
  • Customized and benchmarked PDi Employee Surveys, PDi Leadership Surveys, PDi Customer Surveys, PDi 360 Degree Surveys, PDi Physician Surveys, PDi Action Planning and PDi Best Practices.

  • PDi > Depth & Scope

  • An diverse selection of proven valid and reliable surveys and unique questions customized to address your company’s key areas.
  • Hands on consulting process and coaching to enhance and support action planning, best practices, and improvement efforts.

  • PDi > Supportive Business Partnership

  • Ease of use web based technology for all Employee Surveys, Leadership Surveys, Customer Surveys, 360 Degree Surveys, Physician Surveys, Action Planning, and Best Practices.
  • An ongoing individual and company supportive consulting relationship that emphasizes supportive coaching and performance improvements.

  • Measuring & Improving Performance with PDi:

    One World Class Company. . .

    One State of the Art Survey Technology Center. . .

    One Insightful Consulting Partnership. . .

    One Less Thing For You To Worry About.

    Remember When Data & Information Inspired

    PDi is committed to providing the key survey data and the most essential information required to make insightful and inspiring business decisions that improve productivity.
    Believe Once More . . .
    Valid and reliable PDi Surveys are designed to minimize the complexity of data overload and maximize excellent decisions and effective improvements.

    Strive For Simplicity . . .
    Complexity Won’t Stand In Our Way

    PDi will help your company unlock the value often hidden within complex systems, inefficient business processes, disengaged employees and leaders, low customer satisfaction > all signs of hidden
    People, Processes & Performance…

    Transforming Survey Data into Business Intelligence. . .

    At PDi we believe the answers to nearly all of business’s most pressing questions are within the employees, leaders and customers. As business professionals we use our expertise of acquiring survey data and partnering with our clients to translate survey results into business intelligence that will improve:
    Productivity & Profitability…

    Individual Solutions for Every Budget

    As a leader in business solutions, PDi has the surveys and consulting services to understand your unique business culture. Our Employee Surveys, Leadership Surveys, Customer Surveys, 360 Degree Surveys, Physician Surveys, Action Planning and Best Practices are specifically designed to provide the solutions for the nuances of your business. Small, medium, and large companies work with PDi. We can provide the individual survey solutions to fit any scope or budget in the ever-changing business world.

    Some Think New Look > We Think New Improvements

    PDi is focused on bringing new perspectives for our clients. Our custom Employee Surveys, Leadership Surveys, Customer Surveys, 360 Degree Surveys, Physician Surveys, Action Planning and Best Practices combine an understanding of the past, present, and help to prepare for the future by looking at survey data and information as new opportunities for improvements.

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    PDi Employee Surveys, Leadership Surveys, Customer Surveys, 360 Degree Surveys, Physician Surveys, Action Planning and Best Practices deliver more flexibility and more performance. Forget about having to fit into an off the shelf survey. Now you can use a combination of proven valid, reliable surveys and customize additional questions your business to identify specific improvement areas. More customization and flexibility means outstanding performance.

    The Business World Cares About Results

    PDi doesn’t start relationships with our clients with just numbers and data. We start with an emphasis on helping you and your company achieve positive results. Our focus is to identify strengths and opportunities for improvements. The PDi survey data, analysis, reports and recommendations provide business direction and maximizes positive outcomes.

    Accountability Can Be A Lonely Position

    PDi will be your expert partner in establishing a team approach to your survey efforts. We help make accountability a collaborative and inspiring process.

    Marketplace Shifts Require Business Changes

    When it comes to making changes and surpassing the expectations of our clients, PDi is practicing what we teach, namely, to add value by helping our clients make excellent improvements. PDi is committed to offering surveys and consulting solutions that answer your questions and inspire positive actions.

    Discover Why More Companies are Switching To PDi
    For Their Survey Solutions & Improvement Efforts

    PDi is dedicated to providing exceptional results at exceptional value. We are your expert resource in design, implementation, and analysis of action plans and best practices that make a difference. Our value proposition is extremely competitive because we practice what we preach—we hold costs down through relentless self-assessment, through ongoing improvements in effectiveness and efficiency, and through innovative survey technologies. All things considered, PDi is an excellent value.

    Working In Sync

    Your company has both tapped and untapped people resources.

    How do you maximize and engage your people and support them to communicate and collaborate effectively?

    The combination of PDi customized surveys, consulting services and overall synchronization approach will improve employee engagement, collaboration and communication efforts. The PDi seamless network of survey solutions enables us to assess your company’s strengths and opportunities for improvement, as well as, provide the ongoing consulting services to optimize your company’s effectiveness.

    So your entire organization, whatever size, is on the same page—in sync.

    We Take Pride > Not Credit

    At PDi our job is to provide your company with the data, information, improvement recommendations and overall business intelligence needed to make better decisions.

    We help our clients perform better.

    Your success is our pride.

    We know that we must help our clients’ reach their goals each and every time, period. We take pride in working side by side with our clients until we get the best results. In short, our clients deserve all the credit.

    Measuring & Improving Performance

    Eventually it all boils down to:

    Does your company want just another mediocre survey effort or does your company want the insightful business intelligence and focused performance improvements created by PDi survey based solutions?

    Reliable Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

    PDi's experienced survey consultants deliver information you can really use. You'll quickly see the value of our employee satisfaction survey tools, customer survey data analysis, and comprehensive 360 degree survey system. Learn more about advanced techniques such as action planning management or view sample customer satisfaction surveys today.

    Realistic Path toward Future Goals

    PDi Employee Surveys, Leadership Surveys, Customer Surveys, 360 Degree Surveys, Physician Surveys, Action Planning and Best Practices, reveal your current situation and provides a realistic path towards future business goals. We are your partners in the design, refinement and implementation of the highest quality surveys and action plans. As you review our Web Site, we hope that you get a sense of who we are and the value we can add for you and your company. We welcome your inquiries, and the opportunity to partner with your company.

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